Just Tweets

There was a time were I would celebrate “Sunday Funday” by posting what I called #JustTweets

They are not dissimilar to jokes… Feel free to click below for 350 examples.

Should you want your own custom “joke” fill out the form below and I will tweet you one.


“Sunday Funday” would always start with the posting of a picture as well so here they all are:

For the 400th episode of my podcast I read them so I guess this is the “Audiobook” version of the list:

Comedy Bang Bang "Would You Rather" Scenarios

Comedy Bang Bang is a podcast where they talk to interesting people.

Every episode they play an improv game called “Would You Rather” and I highly recommend you go and listen to some episodes and hear for yourself.

Every week I submit 3 “Would You Rather” scenarios and if you click the link below you can see the first 870 of them… (To see more you will just have to follow me on Twitter.)

CBBWYR 870.png

Should you wish to hear my scenarios that actually made it on the podcast:

@Midnight #HastagWars

@Midnight was a television program in which comedians would play games and be funny.

One of those games was called “Hashtag Wars” and when the show ended I created my own example of every single one of them and using a service called “Tweet Deck” I automatically posted one a day for 602 days. Some examples in the pic but should you wish to see them all click the link below.

At Midnight Pic.PNG